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Growing up in Belfast, Ireland, Wayne’s been boxing since he was seven years old. He won several titles as a youth, then a junior, then a senior, finally winning Gold at the Commonwealth Games, Silver at the Olympic Games in 1992, and then earning the title of WBC World Champion in 1995. He attributes his path to greatness to his years spent training with the late, great Eddie Futch. Just as Eddie helped shape him, Wayne’s been coaching others for years, passing his knowledge along to boxing hopefuls and fitness seekers alike.

If you didn’t already know him for his elite status as a pro boxer, you can get to know him now as your Gloveworx coach. His expertise in the sport, and his motivational coaching style, make him very sought after in our studio. Wayne focuses on precise technique, building his clients into better boxers and avoiding injuries along the way. His favorite part, though, is your success. “I love to see the transformation when my client throws a punch correctly for the first time, and they feel it and it finally clicks. Their smile tells a story.” If you’re still wondering whether you should try out a session with Wayne, he’s got some motivational words for you, “Walking in the door is the hardest part. Once you’re there you enjoy the workout so much, it’s not hard anymore!”

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