Gloveworx Coaches

Known in the Gloveworx community as one of the toughest coaches, Stephen brings more than a decade of coaching success, including time working with pro athletes and Navy SEALs, to our studio. His own athletic history is notably diverse and includes years in martial arts, basketball, lacrosse, football, break dancing, parkour, and now boxing. After meeting Leyon, he joined the Gloveworx team as one of the original coaches in our Santa Monica studio. Stephen pulls techniques from all of his experiences into his coaching style. His approach varies client to client, but for the most part he teaches athletic training mixed with bodybuilding and flexibility, guiding you into the best shape of your life. His sessions are intentionally intense. During group sessions, every member has to work harder if someone quits (barring an injury, of course.) And his favorite Gloveworx memory was the time he put Leyon through a 5 AM military-styled workout. But Stephen chooses these tough tactics for a reason. He knows that if you can learn to push yourself mentally, you can do just about anything physically. “When a student realizes they don’t need my help anymore, that’s success,” he says. Until then, Stephen’s here to be your motivation.

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