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If there was any doubt during David’s life that he would end up as a sport and fitness professional, he certainly wasn’t aware of it. In high school, he played basketball and baseball, but it was football that became his passion. After winning his high school championship, he went on to play college football. But it was a Venice block party that pushed him to put both of his feet firmly in the ring. “I was 17, and there was a boxing ring and people signed up to box. I got matched up with a 32 year old, fighting in front of Danny Trejo. I ended up knocking him outside the ring. So after college football, I started boxing and MMA.”

If you’re fortunate enough to be trained by David, know that it’s not just physical toughness he’ll focus on, it’s also your mental toughness. “There’s a thing about boxing where you feel invincible, when you walk through our doors after a session feeling like you’ve learned something. You walk out with head up and chest out.” Though his training style has been influenced by many experiences, it was his upbringing that shaped it the most. “Growing up, my parents always taught me to live for others. You live happier that way, doing something for another person and seeing them smile.”

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