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If being competitive is a genetic trait, it’s definitely part of Dario’s DNA. Encouraged by their father, Dario and his brother, Chris, would compete against other kids in and around his neighborhood in all kinds of sports, “we wore our shorts under our jeans and went to parks, football, basketball, it didn’t matter. We just wanted to be around athletes.” This innate drive to strive for better has carried through his entire life.

After receiving a football scholarship at Purdue University, Dario went on to become a Coaching Director at D1 Sports Training in Nashville. “I would go to each facility, create a culture for them and educate the coaches on becoming a D1 trainer.” He would go on to also receive his masters in Business Administration from Louisiana Tech. It all came down to Dario’s philosophy of getting ready to work, because for him, it’s all about energy. “People want excitement, a good coach that can push them. If you’re not exciting, don’t look the part or come in looking sloppy, no one is going to pay for your service.”

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